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Neutra-Lyze is a biodegradable and non-flammable alternative to hazardous biocides being used in the oil and gas industry today. Neutra-Lyze is the perfect green solution to decreasing costs, maintaining product effectiveness and reducing environmental impact.

Key applications include Sulfide and H2S control, oxidizing produced water, well maintenance, hydraulic fracturing water, pipeline systems, completion fluids, injection wells, stimulation assistance, and fluid storage. Whether treating water used for fracturing oil and gas wells, managing bacteria, treating produced water, or preventing microbial induced corrosion, Neutra-Lyze is an effective and inexpensive tool.


Because Neutra-Lyze is noncorrosive, the solution provides ongoing protection of casing, equipment, piping, and the overall stability of the well formation. Neutra-Lyze can replace the chemicals you are using now including sodium hypochlorite (bleach), sodium permanganate, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone. Customers see the effectiveness of Neutra-Lyze in replacing these chemicals with a low cost, and no harsh side effects.


Neutra-Lyze is also effective against removing iron and ammonia in produced water.

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