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What is Neutra-Lyze?

Our electrochemical activation takes a brine water, sends it through Envirowise’s specialty-designed production units and adds electricity. This reaction causes the saltwater to be separated into an anolyte solution and a catholyte solution.

The anolyte solution, known as Neutra-Lyze, contains the active ingredient of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and water. The hypochlorous acid acts as a disinfectant and is the same chemical produced in our own bodies by white blood cells to attack pathogens and fight infections.


Neutral-Lyze replaces chlorine disinfectants and other toxic oxidizing disinfectants. Neutra-Lyze is also non-corrosive, non-flammable, sustainable and ready to use out of the bottle. Storage and spilling are not an issue since there are no harsh chemicals. No masks, gloves, or special equipment is required to use Neutra-Lyze. Neutra-Lyze naturally breaks down into a saltwater solution after degrading.


Neutra-Lyze can be used in healthcare, food services, janitorial services, oil and gas fields, water reclamation, cruise lines, livestock and poultry, childcare centers and gyms. There are many more applications, uses and industries beyond those listed. Neutra-Lyze toxicity rating of 0,0,0,0 makes it gentle enough to use around kids and pets, while its powerful disinfectant properties enable Neutra-Lyze to be highly effective in antimicrobial care.


Composition/Information on Ingredients:

Hypochlorous Acid 0.046% (active ingredient);

Water 99.77% (inactive ingredient);

Sodium chloride (salt) 0.2% (inactive ingredient).


Neutra-Lyze is a natural part of our internal defense system, produced by white blood cells. When produced outside the body, Neutra-Lyze is an electrolyzed, antimicrobial, biocide solution that inactivates pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi.​

  • Works to fight infection, control responses to injury, and enhance healing

  • Part of the healthy response to injury and recovery

  • Neutra-Lyze consistently shows no adverse effects

  • Will not irritate or aggravate tissue damage at wound sites

  • There is no bubbling or tingling sensation, unlike many other topically applied solutions

  • Soothing, steady control over the healing process that quickly become evident

  • Safe for use on humans and animals

  • Neutra-Lyze is the scientific formula for hypochlorous acid, a weak acid similar to that of a mild citrus juice. 

  • HOCl - Neutra-Lyze is made naturally by white blood cells in all mammals for healing and protection. 

  • HOCl is a powerful oxidant that is effective against invading bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 

  • Generating HOCl by running electricity through a solution of saltwater was discovered in 1970s. 

  • HOCl is now used in healthcare, food safety, water treatment, and general sanitation. 


Hypochlorous acid is naturally produced by white blood cells of all mammals. 

It plays an important role in the immune system killing pathogens through oxidation and chlorination. 

Hypochlorous acid can also be produced through a process called electrolysis. Electrolysis is a technique that uses a direct electric current (DC) to drive an otherwise non-spontaneous chemical reaction. Specifically engineered electrolysis cells can generate a solution of free chlorine species by running electricity through NaCl (table salt) and water. The oxidants hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and hypochlorite (OCl-) are formed at the anode. If the pH of the solution is weakly acidic to neutral, the free chlorine solution will be dominated by hypochlorous acid. 

Hypochlorous is a powerful oxidant and is 100 times more efficient at killing microbial pathogens than sodium hypochlorite (aka. chlorine bleach). 


Safe on Skin 

Hypochlorous acid does not cause irritation to skin. Even it were ingested it causes no harm. Because it is so safe, it is the ideal sanitizer for direct food sanitation and food contact surfaces. It is also ideal in healthcare where it is used for wound cleansing, eye drops, and patient room disinfection replacing toxic chemicals such as bleach and quaternary ammonium (quats). 

Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous 

Sanitation chemicals distributed in concentrated form are toxic and can be hazardous. Contact with skin or inhalation of fumes can cause irritation. These risks do not exist with hypochlorous acid. Electrolyzed water systems generate hypochlorous acid from just table salt, water and electricity. No personal protective gear is required. 

How does HOCl kill microbial pathogens? 

The molecule of hypochlorous acid is HOCl. This molecule is unique in that it is neutrally charged unlike hypochlorite (OCl-) which is negatively charged. So why is this important? 

Disinfectants and microbial pathogens interact with each other similar to magnets. If you bring together two negatively charged magnets, they will repel each other. Bacteria and hypochlorite (OCl- aka. bleach) are both negatively charged and behave like two negatively charged magnets repelling each other. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is neutrally charged and is not repelled by bacteria. HOCl easily penetrates the walls of the bacteria and destroys them with its strong oxidation potential. 

Why is pH important? 

A free available chlorine (FAC) molecule is one that is not attached. There are three forms of free available chlorine: chlorine gas, hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite. Assuming a constant temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, when the pH is below 3, free chlorine will leave solution as chlorine gas. When the pH is above 7.5, over 50% will be hypochorite (OCl-) and will increase in hypochlorite as it rises toward pH 14. Between pH 3 and pH 7.5 the free chlorine solution will be dominated by hypochlorous acid (HOCl). 


Neutra-Lyze™ has been proven to eliminate the world’s most dangerous and hardiest pathogens.

  • More closely than any other HOCl on the market, Envirowise Solutions mimics what is produced inside the body.

  • Our formulations contain no active components other than pure HOCl (unlike other HOCl producers)

  • Our HOCl is unmatched in safety, efficacy, and stability.

  • Envirowise formulations are HOCl in its purest form.

  • Our purity allows us to continually achieve ground-breaking results.

  • Envirowise’s scaling capacity sets the industry precedent for production.

  • Ten years of committed scientific research and testing in HOCl properties and production.



HOCl is made from salt. Once deactivated, it turns back into saline. 


HOCl is a powerful germ killer yet it is non-irritant to the skin. 


HOCl is safe enough to disinfect personal items for a baby. 


HOCl is much less aggressive on fabrics than chlorine bleach. 

What does Neutra-Lyze Protect Against?
  • Escherichia coli 0157:H7 ATCC 35150

  • Listeria monocytogenes ATCC 19111

  • Salmonella enterica ATCC 10708

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 15442

  • Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538
  • Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) ATCC 33591
  • Influenza A (H1N1) virus
  • Feline Calicivirus
  • Human Coronoavirus
  • Norovirus (utilizing Feline Calicivius as surrogate for Norovirus)
  • Kills Feline Calicivirus is likely to kill the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that that causes CoVID-19)

Independent 3rd party testing has proven that Neutra-Lyze is:

  • Effective against G+ and G- bacteria

  • Effective against Clostridium difficile spores

  • Effective against VRE, MRSA, and MRSE

  • Effective against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

  • Effective against HIV, HBV, HCV, and CMV

  • Does not cause irritation, safe on skin

  • Does not cause corrosion of fabrics

  • Does not alter colors, pH neutral

  • High temperatures are not necessary, but Neutra-Lyze is most effective
    between 50-86 ºF (10-30 ºC) temperatures. 


Direct Application Employee Safety

Generally, the preparation of toxic concentrated chemicals can be a safety hazard for employees, as they are respiratory and skin irritants. Working with Neutra-Lyze is completely safe for all employees to use and does not require any special or additional handling. Since it is a natural substance, it is non-irritant and does not require gloves, masks or any other protective equipment. It can be applied directly with rags and mops, or more broadly with pressure spraying. Neutra-Lyze can also be used as a hand sanitizer- since it is a natural non-irritant and gentle on hands!

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