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Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is already produced by the white blood cells in our blood for protecting against invading microbial pathogens. When microbial pathogens try to enter a wound, white blood cells are the first responders and engulf the bacteria exposing them to the biocide HOCl. Because HOCl is non-irritant and gentle on skin, it makes sense to use it for wound care. In addition, it can replace all general sanitation chemicals used to clean healthcare facilities. Eliminating toxic chemicals not only makes sense but provides a safer environment for children and the elderly. 

Neutra-Lyze is a Health Canada registered hospital grade disinfectant that is organic, non-flammable, non-toxic and completely biodegradable.

In hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dental offices, and other medical facilities, Neutra-Lyze is an effective tool to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi due to its biocidal properties. Neutra-Lyze does not require any special equipment for handling and may be used without PPE. It is rinse free and ready to use – no mixing or dilution is required.
Laboratory testing has shown Neutra-Lyze to be a highly effective hard-surface disinfectant against bacterial and viruses, including the following:

  • MRSA – Staphylococcus

  • Escherichia coli

  • Listeria

  • Norovirus

  • SARS-CoV-2

  • H1N1 virus

  • Salmonella

  • Hepatitis A, B, and C

Applications Include:

  • Hard surface sanitizing such as beds (frames and hard surfaces, wheelchairs, restrooms and medical equipment

  • Spraying areas to disinfect as part of deep clean or rapid decontamination

  • Sterilization of medical instruments and equipment such as endoscopes, kidney dialysis machines and laparoscopes

  • Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization of hospital wards, operating rooms and general airspace

  • Decontamination of water tanks, piping and washing equipment

  • Deodorizing areas that have an unpleasant smell


Dental and Medical Clinics

Neutra-Lyze can replace quaternary ammonium (Quats), chlorine bleach, and other toxic chemicals used to sanitize dental and. Medical clinics. Neutra-Lyze is an ideal antimicrobial for medical and dental clinics because it is safe, all-natural, and effective. It does not cause skin or respiratory irritation and satisfies the demand for implementing safer and more natural alternatives to toxic chemicals.
Neutra-Lyze can be used to sanitize all contact surfaces in the clinic including patient exam rooms, tables and chairs, waiting rooms, floors, and bathrooms. It can be used to sanitize stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and other medical instruments between patients.


For Dental offices, Neutra-Lyze, Envirowise’s hypochlorous acid-based solution is non-toxic to humans but neutralizes viruses, bacteria, endospores, fungi and prions in as little as 1 minute con- tact time. Use as a prophylactic for misting or fogging of an area of high risk or in direct application to infections as an oral HOCl mouth rinse. It is a quick and effective surface cleaning solution that may be used to clean and disinfect dental lines while disrupting biofilms, which proves it’s invaluable application in multiple areas of the dental industry.

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