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Food Services & Processing

The majority of the research that has been done regarding the practical applications of hypochlorous acid has been in the field of food safety. There is probably no food sanitizer more researched and more understood than hypochlorous acid. The research clearly demonstrates that hypochlorous acid is safe and efficient for ensuring microbial counts are maintained below infectious levels on food and contact surfaces. 


Neutra-Lyze is Health Canada approved for food processing applications.

In restaurants, with Neutra-Lyze spray down your equipment, disinfect your tables and counters and wash and sanitize fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat, fish, and seafood. No post-rinse. Sanitize all food contact surfaces. Neutra-Lyze cleans with same efficacy as bleach and does not corrode or damage your equipment or serving areas. Eliminate the use of harmful chemicals when disinfecting your kitchen or serving areas and because Neutra-Lyze is completely harmless to humans and does not require protective gloves, eyewear, or masks. Neutra-Lyze will not affect food quality, is non-flammable, fragrance free, completely biodegradable and safe to leave applied overnight without worries.
Applications Include:
Disinfecting for food processing applications, plastic and non-porous cutting boards, sinks:

  • Disinfecting counter tops and tables where bleach would erode

  • Eliminates food odors from hard, non-porous surfaces

  • Sanitizing and cleaning of food contact surfaces

  • Disinfecting eating and cooking utensils

  • Disinfecting beer and wine lines

  • Kills odor causing bacteria

  • Disinfecting ice machines


Beverage Industry

Neutra-Lyze has also been identified and used in the cleaning and sanitizing of bottling facilities. It is used to cleanse and disinfect bottles, to disinfect the main water source used for production and for disinfecting tubes, containers and tanks.  It also removes biofilm in tubes and disinfecting pipes after use.


Dairy Industry

Neutra-Lyze is effective in removing organic matter from pipes with the added benefit of not adding toxic chemicals to the process, and ultimately the product.


Food Processing
Antimicrobial compounds are commonly used to eliminate or limit the growth of pathogens in foods, but these are typically costly toxic chemicals. Neutra-Lyze provides safe non-toxic solution to help protect the food supply. Independent studies have discovered the following benefits of Neutra-Lyze when used in food processing:

  • Absolute and effective control of bacteria

  • Direct contact or clean in place (CIP) applications

  • Toxic free environment

  • Cost effective

  • Safer supply chain for consumers

Neutra-Lyze can be used by food retailers to wash incoming products, sanitize equipment, and to prevent cross-contamination. It may be used in food storage facilities in fogging systems to kill airborne pathogens or for the manufacturing of packaging ice.  Food processors can use it to cleanse processing equipment, eliminate biofilm from piping systems and disinfectant surfaces and facilities. Food preparation facilities can use Neutra-Lyze to sanitize equipment and food preparation areas.
Poultry Processing

Neutra-Lyze is suitable for use on poultry. Replacing the water of poultry chillers with electrolyzed water is an effective means of killing E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria prior to poultry processing.
Fish & Seafood Processing
Neutra-Lyze is an ideal antimicrobial for fish and seafood processors. Neutra-Lyze may used as a no-rinse sanitizer for raw and processed fish and seafood. It can replace all toxic chemicals used to sanitize equipment and food-contact surfaces in a seafood processing plant.

Proper sanitation of the food processing environment is paramount to keeping the initial microbial load to a minimum. Neutra-Lyze can control microbial load and has the added benefits of being non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-irritant. As an antimicrobial, it can replace nearly all chemical sanitizers. Neutra-Lyze is highly biocidal yet leaves no chemical residues or chemical odors. No potable water post-rinse is required.


  • Neutra-Lyze has many applications in fish and seafood processing:

  • Storing and sanitation of fish and seafood at harvest

  • Dosing into the process water

  • Generating sanitized ice for storing and transporting

  • Employee hand and feet sanitation entering the facilities

  • Sanitation of processing tools and equipment

  • Sanitation of floors and food contact surfaces

  • Dislodging biofilm and sanitizing pipes and closed systems


Fish & Seafood Harvest
Seafood contamination occurs naturally from the environment where fish are harvested. Microbial pathogens and spoilage organisms can expediate the decomposition of fish. By placing fresh catches into electrolyzed sanitation water, microbial organisms can be kept at low levels, keeping the catch fresh and prolonging the shelf-life.

Direct Sanitation of Fish & Seafood
When fish are filleted, deboned, packaged and frozen, before distribution, exposure of the fish to water constitutes one of the critical steps that must be optimally controlled in order to prevent the introduction of pathogens. The water used in the processing of fish needs to be clean with minimal levels of spoilage organisms and free of pathogens. Cross contamination may occur during food processing where bacteria are transferred from raw fish and/or contaminated surfaces to hygienically safe fish and seafood. Sanitizing seafood with Neutra-Lyze helps prevent cross contamination and satisfies the demand for implementing safer and more natural food sanitation without adversely affecting food quality. There are no chemical residues, no odors, and no changes in taste or color. No post-rinse is required.
Sanitized Ice for Transport and Storage
Sanitized ice can be generated with Neutra-Lyze. Sanitized ice can be used in the transport and storage of seafood to maintain freshness. Sanitize ice made with Neutra-Lyze halts the growth of microbial organisms.


Pressure Spraying and Fogging

When cleaning and sanitizing contact surfaces, tools, equipment or large open areas, Neutra-Lyze can be applied via pressure sprayers or foggers. The active molecule in Neutra-Lyze is hypochlorous acid, a powerful oxidant that is stable in solution. Hypochlorous acid is approved by the Health Canada for use on food contact surfaces. Neutra-Lyze is highly effective at inactivating microbial pathogens when making contact.

Meat Processing & Plant Sanitation
Neutra-Lyze as an antimicrobial and disinfectant is an ingredient that is safe and suitable on meat. Electrolyzed water (hypochlorous acid) has demonstrated in numerous studies to be highly effective for inactivating E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella enteritidis, and Listeria monocytogenes.

The contamination of beef during the slaughter and processing of carcasses is a major risk for subsequent foodborne infection. Bacteria present on hides, hooves and other external surfaces of the cattle at the time of slaughter are potential sources of contamination of the carcass and subsequently of all derived beef products. Neutra-Lyze is a powerful oxidant that is stable in solution. When saturating meat contaminated with microbial pathogens, Neutra-Lyze quickly inactivates the pathogens by damaging their cell walls and disrupting their internal proteins, lipids, and DNA. When cleaning and sanitizing contact surfaces, tools, equipment or large open areas, Neutra-Lyze can be applied via pressure sprayers or foggers.
Neutra-Lyze may be used to sanitize all food contact surfaces in the deli, bakery, butcheries, and at checkout counters. No post-rinse is required. Replace the water in produce washers with Neutra-Lyze use it through misters for sanitation of raw produce and prolongation of shelf-life as it is safe and effective as a no-rinse sanitizer on produce.  There are no harmful residues, no alterations in taste, no odors and no discolorations. Neutra-Lyze does not require a potable water rinse as is required when using chlorine bleach.

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