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Neutra-Lyze offers the agricultural and horticulture industries benefits during pre/post harvesting: 

  • Increases the crop yield

  • Cleans and sanitizes products during processing

  • Disinfects grain, seeds and bulbs

  • Purifies irrigation water

  • Accelerates the growth of plants

Spraying of Neutra-Lyze on fruit trees and vegetable foliage has resulted in reduced incidence of disease and equal or increased yield, without the use of costly toxic chemicals. Neutra-Lyze has also been useful in removing biofilm and pathogens from irrigation equipment. There is evidence when sprayed Neutra-Lyze enriches plants with CO2, stimulating photosynthesis and resulting in increased yields.
For greenhouse growers, Neutra-Lyze can be used to clean and disinfect hydroponic channels and eradicate biofilm in irrigation systems. Adding low concentrations to irrigation water can control buildup of bioflim and reduce bacteria at the roots of plants.

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